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This early in the planning stages, what can I tell you about the Art Show? Well, it's going to happen and as always we're looking for creations. The Art Show last year had tremendous traffic and close to a record number of participants. Of course this year we want to be bigger and better than ever! So get busy all you creative spirits! (Elves, gremlins, goblins, vampires...)

Important Stuff:

From now until April 19th, 2002
4x4 panels $15
table $10
Full table $15

April 20th, 2002 to May 17th, 2002
4z4 panels $20
table $15
Full table $20

All funds Canadian

Special Offer:
Until March 22nd, 2002, buy 3 panels or tables and GET ONE FREE!

Registrations accepted until opening at 6:00 p.m. May 17th, 2002. If you need more information or wish to be put on the Art Show mailing list - or if you know someone who should be! - you can contact me at:

Michelle Cook

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Right now, Keycon feels...

Well, it's over!
Hope you were
at Keycon 2002!
Last Updated: January 28, 2002
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