Stars Wars LARP Briefing

Speaker: Michael McCall

Meet up with your fellow players for the Star Wars LARP, get your character and briefing packets, and go over the rules for the game. If you haven’t signed up for the LARP but are interested in playing, this is your last chance to register.

Star Wars: The Theed Accords

Join us a long time ago in a galaxy far, faraway! Take the role of diplomats, Rebels, Imperials and Jedi, and determine the fate of Naboo in the wake of the Empire’s fall!

Star Wars: The Theed Accords is a live-action event which will take place in the halls and rooms of Keycon over the Friday and Saturdays. One part improvised drama and one part roleplaying game, players will take the roles of pre-established characters and explore the possibilities of adventure and intrigue. A variation of the Fate rules will be used to resolve combat and other action, but no knowledge of the rules or previous experience LARPing is needed.

To sign up, or for further information, contact Mike McCall (on Facebook through mike.r.mccall  or on the Keycon Facebook Group), or check out the website (

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