Guest of Honour — Author

Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong is the author of the Cainsville modern gothic series and the Age of Legends YA fantasy trilogy. Past works include the Otherworld urban fantasy series, the Darkest Powers & Darkness Rising teen paranormal trilogies, the Nadia Stafford crime trilogy and the co-written Blackwell Pages middle-grade fantasy trilogy. Ms. Armstrong lives in southwestern Ontario with her family.

Facebook: /KelleyArmstrongAuthor/

Twitter: @kelleyarmstrong

Tumblr: kelleyarmstrong


Cafe Press: /kelleyarmstrong

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Guest of Honour — Artists

Kitty Cat Creations

Kitty Cat Creations is a locally based collective featuring four very talented artists. With all the talents they possess the group has over 50 years of experience in the art trade. Together they have a variety of art under their belts ranging from colouring comic book pages to small scale toy design. Many have held contracts and all are living the dream job they have wanted for themselves.


Phynix L. Caskey

Phynix L. Caskey is the proud owner of Art from the Ashes, a small studio dedicated to working her magic with toy design and customization. She spends her days teaching people how to use a computer like Microsoft’s Office and her nights working hard under the hot lights in her studio. Recently she has been dabbling in the world of YouTube.

  Stephanie Black_headshot

Stephan(i.e.) Black

Black’s Sideshow is the brain child of Stephan(i.e.) Black. This lovely artist has baffled people with the sense of humour they display in the art they create. Proud to be who they are and non-apologetic for their talent and humour. This person is truly one of a kind in all aspects.



Dara is a mostly self‐taught artist. She is the quiet owner of Parallel Penguins. She and Phynix have been friends since high school. This Cat is always at the forefront of the tech world with her art, and is always looking for new and exciting programs to explore. She mostly works digitally, with a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet and Clip Studio Paint Pro. She is the author and artist of the upcoming webcomic Penguin Investigations.

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Guest of Honour — Fan Favourite as voted by you!

Laurie E. Smith

Laurie E. Smith has been a part of fandom for over 30 years, in many different capacities.
Their activities include:

  • Writing over 1.23 million words of fan fiction on Archive of Our Own
  • Drafting three original fiction novels
  • Editing fanzines
  • Narrating audio books
  • Hosting the “Granny Crow’s Radio Show” podcast
  • Writing/recording/producing the Welcome to the Departure Lounge – a science fiction comedy album for
    Science Fiction Winnipeg’s hospitality suite at Keycon 31
  • Taking part in several fan audio productions online; notably Star Trek: Lost Universe, where they played Lt. Cmdr Ashley Scott
  • Contributing regularly to Keycon programming, including 14+ hours of programming at Keycon 33
  • Keycon Hospitality suite organizer
  • Past Keycon Art Show Director
  • Past president of Star Trek Winnipeg
  • Founder of the Whovians of Winnipeg, KRONA, and the Czarnian Diplomatic Corps
  • Writer/producer/director of the 45-minute stage play Bright Rider – performed at STW, at Keycon, and at Valleycon in Fargo
  • Writer/producer/director of the Doctor Who Radio Show – performed at Keycon 10
  • Crafting signage for various Keycon hospitality suites
  • Creating custom buttons and name badges worn by Keycon attendees
  • Cosplaying as the Fourth Doctor and Lobo
  • Being featured in costume as the Fourth Doctor on an Osborne Street building mural
  • Founder and facilitator of the Keycon Mentors Program and the Winnipeg Fandom Information Station Facebook group
  • Webmaster of Clear and Haunting Visions (the largest “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence” fan site) and The A.I. Image Bank Project
  • Creator, storyteller and co-ordinator of a private 3-year-long “Matrix”-based online multi-player RPG
  • Artist Guest of Honour at Keycon 17 and at two ValleyCons

An Eisner-nominated comic book colourist for the past 20+ years, they live in the Little Italy district of Winnipeg with their husband, fellow comic book artist George Freeman.

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Guest of Honour — Media

Thom Allison

Thom Allison can be widely recognized from his role as Pree in the hit sci-fi adventure series KILLJOYS airing on Space Channel (Canada) and SyFy (United States). KILLJOYS follows a trio of reclamation agents as they chase deadly warrants throughout the Quad, a distant planetary system on the brink of a bloody, class war.  Leading the Killjoys team is Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), John (Aaron Ashmore) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane).

Pree is the owner and operator of The Royale, a bar in Old Town frequented by Dutch, John, and D’avin. Pree provides the three Killjoys with free drinks in exchange for their services in keeping the peace in the bar. Like most bartenders, he is also a confidant, and sometimes relationship counselor for the Killjoys. Pree was also a warlord and has a criminal record having served time in prisons in the J Star Cluster colonies.

Thom Allison was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he realized he was going to be an actor at the young age of four. He began his first acting class at the age of 10 and at 12 years old, did his first play called THE TALE OF THE RED DRAGON for Actor’s Showcase now called the Manitoba Theatre for Young People. From there, Allison spent some time taking classes at Actor’s Showcase, doing shows with Fantasy Theatre for Children, joined the Manitoba Theatre Centre’s acting program called the Manitoba Youth Theatre and performed in his first professional show SWEET CHARITY.

When he’s not busy acting, Allison enjoys baking and spending time with friends and family.

Facebook: /Thom-Allison-173610719362772/

Twitter: @thomallison

Instagram: @thom_allison

IMDB: nm1047709


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Guest of Honour — Media

Tamsen McDonough

Actor Tamsen McDonough stars in the hit sci-fi adventure series KILLJOYS airing now on Space (Canada) and SyFy (United States)

KILLJOYS follows a trio of reclamation agents as they chase deadly warrants throughout the Quad, a distant planetary system on the brink of a bloody, class war. Leading the Killjoys team is Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), John (Aaron Ashmore) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane).

Tamsen provides the voice of Lucy, a small artificially intelligent spaceship owned by Dutch and used as interplanetary transportation as well as a working and living space for the Killjoys team. Lucy has become a fan favourite with her sassy personality, loyalty and obvious fondness for John. She’s often referred to as the fourth Killjoy.

Tamsen was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and began her formal acting training at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Her love for acting started at a very early age when she played an orphan in her grade three production of Oliver Twist. From there, her acting bug fed on student films as well as shorts and indie projects.

Since then, Tamsen has appeared in various film and television projects including THE INCREDIBLE HULK (UNIVERSAL), MURDOCH MYSTERIES (CITY), THE JON DORE SHOW (COMEDY), GREY GARDENS (HBO), CHLOE (SONY), MOTIVE (CTV), LOST GIRL (SHOWCASE) and THE BRIDGE (CBS, CTV).

Outside the acting world, Tamsen enjoys activity dates with friends, like trapeze, archery and go-­‐karting. She’s always on the hunt for great drag performances and the perfect mockumentary. She is also passionate about writing and has recently created the comedy web series MISS ODETTE’S MODERN HANDBOOK TO MANNERS in which she stars.

Facebook: /TamsenMcD/

Twitter: @redtamsen

IMDB: nm1206747


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