Art Show FAQ

Q: Does this show run like an Artist Alley I see at Comic Con, or Anime Conventions?

A: No, it doesn’t. This convention’s Art Show is just that: a show. The space is set up like a gallery. The art is up for bid in a silent auction, items with a minimum of 3 bids go to a live auction on Sunday afternoon.

Q: It says I can buy a table, does that mean I have to work it?

A: Tables are for 3D artists who want to be a part of the Art Show, as opposed to conventional 2D pieces of art that we display on panels. At no point in time does the artist need to be at the show.

Q: $10.00 deposit is cheap, what is in it for Keycon?

A: In our rules and regulations it states that the convention sells your pieces, collects and claims the taxes and gets to keep 20% of the sale price. Following the show we return any unsold work along with your portion of the sales proceeds.

Q: I am from out of province/country, can I still display and sell my art?

A: YES! In fact we have a great mail-in system. You make sure your art makes it to us before the convention and we do the work for you. Just ship it to us, pay for the shipping home and we do the rest!

Q: I am from the USA, how do I get my art over the border?

A: You will be shipping it to our American side collection point, from there when they have all the art from the American side artists they put it through the broker and border checks at the same time. Again you just pay shipping to us and shipping home from us, and we take care of the rest.