WINSFA Senate Submissions

The Winnipeg Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (WINSFA) Senate is the Board of Directors for Keycon, which provides assistance to the Co-Chairs, administers the Equity fund for KeyCon, and chooses the Co-Chairs and Treasurer for KeyCon. All the members of the WINSFA Senate have had either a long-term commitment to fandom in Winnipeg, or experience in the running of KeyCon or other fan-run conventions. The Senate meets at least once per month. We believe this provides a continuity and stability for the convention, allowing it to continue for over 30 years where many other conventions in recent years have either foundered or shut down completely.

WINSFA Senate Elections

Each year the WINSFA Senate holds its Annual General Meeting at Keycon, open to all convention registrants, and at this AGM we hold an “Election from the Floor”. By doing this we offer an opportunity for two convention members to be elected to the Senate for a 1 year term, so they may have an opportunity to participate in Senate meetings, put forth their ideas and have a hand in the ‘backstage’ processes that contribute to Keycon and other fandom activities. At the end of their term they are given an opportunity to report back to the convention attendance about their experience and thoughts about the Senate and its work.

All KeyCon members are encouraged to attend the AGM, participate in the election (nominate, vote, offer bribes, etc) and to encourage their friends to attend as well. Please check your program book and come out to lend your voice to the process. In this aspect – as in all other regards to running KeyCon, – volunteers are a vital commodity and in fact are the lifeblood of the convention and other fandom activities.

Want to be Con Chair?

The WINSFA Senate is seeking people interested in running for the position of Con Chairs for Keycon 2018 and beyond. Available on request is a copy of the relevant portion of the Constitution, which gives details on the obligations and responsibilities of running Keycon. Please be aware that the Senate would require from you a letter with the names of the two prospective Co-chairs, as well as their signatures and current contact information for each candidate. This must be received by an active member of the WINSFA Senate or by any of the current (2017) or upcoming (2018) Con-Chairs by the end of closing Ceremonies on Sunday Afternoon. (To give you more time to plan, plot, dream and scheme 🙂 However, if you find that circumstances find you tracking us down during the Dead Dog, well, that’s okay too.

Many thanks to all KeyCon registrants, and we look forward to seeing everyone in our extended fandom family enjoying KeyCon.