The Walking Dead Roundtable

Speaker: Sean Ennis

We’re on easy street, and it feels so sweet, ’cause the world is ’bout a treat. When you’re on easy street, and we’re breaking out the good champagne, we’re sitting pretty on the gravy train, and when we sing every sweet refrain repeats. Right here on easy street.

Ok, so maybe not all of Rick’s plans work out. Rick and the Alexandrians have been broken and rebuilt themselves, the Kingdom has awoken, and true loyalties are in question in every community on Walking Dead. Did they keep you this season? Was it a mistake to go to war with Negan now? How do you feel about the changes from the graphic novels?

Meanwhile, Fear the Walking Dead is back soon. Our protagonists are outcast and separated from each other. Will you be watching again this season? Does this spin-off allow for more great plot lines or are they rehashing old territory.

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