dr_is_inProgramming can be divided into thee main categories:

  • Regular Programming
  • Major Programming
  • Ad Hoc Programming

The current schedule can be found here:

IMG_0319Regular Programming

Regular programming can be a panel, a demonstration, a guest presentation, a group discussion, a guest interview, or something not yet imagined.

opening_ceremonies_2014Major Programming (A.K.A. Extravaganzas)

In addition to regular programming, there are six Major Programming events regularly held during Keycon:

Friday Evening

Saturday Evening

Sunday Evening

exterminateAd Hoc Programming

Ad Hoc Programming is any activity organised by one of the hospitality suites, one of the dealers, or a smaller group of Keycon members. They are not part of the formal programming of Keycon and aren’t normally included in the programming guide or schedule. Typically they will be advertised in the common areas of the convention (e.g., with posters near the elevators and near registration).