Keycon’s policies have been designed to ensure the safety and comfort of all Members attending each year. Please remember that Membership in the convention in no way supersedes the law. For more information about Keycon and it’s policies please visit the WINSFA page.

Badge Policy

Badging will be in effect in all areas of the Convention and at all times. This means that you must wear your badge from Opening Ceremonies until the end of the Dead Dog. You will also be required to show a valid government issued Photo ID for adult–oriented panels and Hospitality suites. If you lose your badge you will need to purchase a replacement from the Registration Desk.
Replacement Badge Pricing:

  • 1st Replacement – $15.00 (Fifteen Dollars)
  • 2nd Replacement – Full Membership Price

Badges are non–transferable. Persons found trading or sharing badges will have their membership(s) revoked without refund. Anyone caught in the Convention activity spaces including the 15th Floor without a badge (Ghosting) will be asked to produce their badge or leave the Convention held areas.

Weapons and Accessories Policy

Costumed Lego People
Peace-Bond your Weapons, man.

Keycon has for a long time enjoyed a history of accessorized costumes with next–to–no safety accidents or incidents. Let’s work together to keep it that way for everyone’s enjoyment. You are responsible for your accessories. Watch where your bow or staff is pointing to keep the ankle bruising and noggin–knockin’ to a bare minimum, and ensure that your replica weapon does not break any laws. It is required that you peace-bond your blades i.e.: sheathed, scabbarded, secured against accidental discharge, etc. If you need help peace-bonding your weapon, please see OPS and they will help you out.

Alcohol Serving Policy

Keycon’s Hospitality suites are required to practice “It’s Good Business” smart-serving and are well informed about the rules concerning mixing alcohol and minors. The rule is: alcohol mixes, minors don’t. Equally heinous is the over–serving of a person who is already intoxicated. Hospitality suites will be carefully checking badges and valid government issued Photo IDs.

If a Hospitality suite has been found directly serving alcohol to a minor or is found over–serving a patron, that Hospitality suite will be shutdown immediately and for the duration of the Convention.

Smoking Policy

Smoking under the City of Winnipeg Smoking Regulation By-law is allowed in designated outdoor areas and in specifically designated “smoking” private Guest Hotel Rooms. Please remember to time your smoke breaks accordingly to allow for travel time especially at peak periods on the elevators. There maybe other designated smoking areas, please check with the hosting Hotel’s Front Desk for more information.

Appropriate Dress

The wearing of costumes and creative apparel is strongly encouraged and celebrated at Keycon each year. However, all costumes and apparel must cover a Member’s body – there can be no nudity (partial or otherwise_ in the common space areas of the Hotel. Note that all publicly accessible areas in the Hotel are considered common space. The only areas not included in the common space definition are: private Guest Hotel Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Hospitality suites on the 15th Floor. Any nudity in the Meeting rooms and in Hospitality suites will only be allowed during the 18+ programming. Membership in the Convention in no way supersedes the law. Badging and proof of age will be necessary for admittance to those areas during 18+ programming areas. The Hotel has said that anyone who does not follow this dress code will be asked to leave the Hotel immediately.


Approved Videography circa 2014
Videography circa 2014

Photography, videotaping and/or image capturing via electronic means are not permitted in the Art Show area. To protect the safety of the Masquerade participants, we do not allow flash photography during the Masquerade. Ask permission before photographing/videotaping our Guests of Honour or anyone else at the Convention. Do not use tripods and other bulky equipment where they might impede access to seats, doors and aisles in the event a room must be evacuated.

Children as Fans

Young Masquerade Participants circa 2014
Young costumers circa 2014

Children under 12 years old may attend with a free “Babes–In–Arms” Membership with and under the supervision of their legal parent/guardian at all times. Keycon requires that there be at least one (1) person with an Adult Membership accompanying every “Babes–In–Arms” Member.

Parents of children aged 12—17 years old who believe their children are mature enough may choose to allow their children to freely roam the Convention on their own. The parent/guardian who signs for the free–roaming child(ren) does so with the understanding that any child who excessively misbehaves or engages in inappropriate, disruptive or dangerous behaviour is subject to having their free–roaming privileges or their entire membership revoked. Some program items dealing with adult–themed topics may be closed to individuals under the age of 18. When needed, a valid government issued Photo ID will be required to access these events.


Neither Keycon nor the Hotel shall be responsible for any items lost or damaged in the public areas of the Hotel, neither in the Hotel’s parking lot, nor in any other parking area during attendance at Keycon. All attendees will take responsibility for their own possessions. If another attendee damages your possessions, it is your responsibility to seek recompense from them directly. If an attendee damages Hotel property, they shall be held personally accountable for their actions and be responsible for repaying any debts so incurred.