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Lawrence John Reevie


My interest in science fiction and fantasy started with books. Back in 1965 there were few science fiction or fantasy novels available. Then Star Trek came, and went. It put a burning and desire in my heart that remains today. A few years later The Star Trek Club of Winnipeg was formed and I made it a part of my life for many years.

This introduced me to Keycon. Keycon 2 was a hoot. I didn’t know there were so many like-minded people in Winnipeg. I have made Keycon a favorite past time over the years to keep in touch with old and new friends.

I have missed only 3 cons to date. The first con, as I did not know about it at the time, The 7th con as I had to work, although I did help set up the Star Trek Suite Friday afternoon and tear down on Sunday evening. And the third was last year. We had just bought a farm, and were dealing with flooded basements and 2 week old chicks.

Every Keycon that I have attended I have helped run a panel. Be it Star Trek Club related, teaching juggling, helping at masquerade, fight demos with the Barony of Castel Rouge and later with Larping or entertaining in the children’s area. You will also always see me helping in any area I can, manning merchant’s booths for the dealer, setting up displays and helping with the art show.

I enjoy attending several panels each year, gaming, talking to people, and attending the late night music gatherings.

Born in 1955, in Winnipeg. I have lived in numerous towns, villages, and cities in Manitoba as a youth and did high school back in Winnipeg.

Thank you

Lawrence Reevie

Laurie E. Smith


Laurie E. Smith has been a part of fandom for over 30 years, in many different capacities. Her activities include:

— Writing over 1.23 million words of fan fiction on Archive of Our Own
— Drafting three original fiction novels
— Editing fanzines
— Narrating audio books
— Hosting the “Granny Crow’s Radio Show” podcast
— Writing/recording/producing the “Welcome to the Departure Lounge” science fiction comedy album for Science Fiction Winnipeg’s hospitality suite at Keycon 31
— Taking part in several fan audio productions online, notably “Star Trek: Lost Universe”, where they played Lt. Cmdr Ashley Scott
— Contributing regularly to Keycon programming, including 14+ hours of programming at Keycon 33
— Keycon Hospitality suite organizer
— Past Keycon Art Show Director
— Past president of Star Trek Winnipeg
— Founder of the Whovians of Winnipeg, KRONA, and the Czarnian Diplomatic Corps
— Writer/producer/director of the 45-minute stage play “Bright Rider” (performed at STW, at Keycon, and at Valleycon in Fargo),
— Writer/producer/director of the “Doctor Who Radio Show” (performed at Keycon 10)
— Crafting signage for various Keycon hospitality suites
— Creating custom buttons and name badges worn by Keycon attendees
— Cosplaying (as the Fourth Doctor and Lobo)
— Being featured in costume as the Fourth Doctor on an Osborne Street building mural
— Founder and facilitator of the Keycon Mentors Program and the Winnipeg Fandom Information Station Facebook group
— Webmaster of “Clear and Haunting Visions” (the largest “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence” fan site) and “The A.I. Image Bank Project”
— Creator, storyteller and co-ordinator of a private 3-year-long “Matrix”-based online multi-player RPG
— Artist Guest of Honour at Keycon 17 and at two ValleyCons

An Eisner-nominated comic book colourist for the past 20+ years, they live in the Little Italy district of Winnipeg with their husband, fellow comic artist George Freeman.

Lar deSouza


Lar deSouza, raconteur, bon vivant and artist about town was born to humble surroundings on a Hallowe’en night many years ago. Fortunately his monumental ego was able to overcome the humble bits.

Hailing from the Southern Ontario region of Canada, Lar currently resides Acton – a small town privy to the secret that Toronto is not the centre of the universe – along with his lovely wife, two beautiful daughters and four tolerant cats. He has been artistically active in fandom for many years, garnering a reputation as a passing fair cartoonist and a sick puppy. In 2003 he met Ryan Sohmer and teamed up to help form Blind Ferret Entertainment and produce the online comics Least I Could Do and Looking for Group. He has no idea what to write for programme bios and suggestions are welcome. The Hallowe’en bit is true.

And yes, he does look like his caricature.

You can see his online work at:

John “The Bear” Speelman


Age: younger than rocks

Provides free hugs upon request

Has attended every Keycon and volunteered in one way or t’other every year

Multiple-time panel participant and regular participant in music sessions – both daytime and night time.

Six-time Keycon Co-Chair. 7 times Head of Ops, 5 times Dealers’ Rep

Winsfa Senator since 1991. 13 terms as President, twice as Vice, once as Secretary. (Failed tryout, it was too difficult reading my own handwriting to transpose the minutes to digital format. Never again)

Multiple-time Keycon ‘ambassador’ and volunteer to outside conventions, Canada and USA

Yeah, that’s pretty dry, right? Over-riding fact: I’ve come to dedicate my life to our convention. When my health forbade me from one position, I found another so I was always helping, For my entire Keycon tenure, I’ve worked to help maintain the literary aspects while still enjoying the other widely-varied media that blesses our beloved SF/Fantasy genre. I’m very approachable; anyone can saunter up and engage my attention. I’m always willing and happy to give some advice or answer a question to the best of my ability.

I love how Keycon has evolved over time, the wide demographics of the people it attracts, the way we meet for that one special weekend in May to appreciate our diverse natures while still celebrating the genres and media that bring us together. Fandom is my family.


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