Hospitality Suites

based on the photos of Laurie Smith

based on the photos of Laurie Smith

What is a Hospitality Suite?

Think of the Hospitality Suites as the official room parties for the convention. Typically they will be themed, often along one or more genres of fandom.

Keycon’s Hospitality suites are more than just a couple of suites. It’s the entire 15th floor of the Radisson. The stories from conventions past have helped the floor transcend to legendary status. From hallway sing-a-longs to spooky suites; new friends found and old friends rediscovered.

All the Hospitality Suites for 2014 have been booked. If you have questions about Hospitality, please contact our coordinator Diana.

Official Hospitality Suite


28 Games Later


Questions about the Official Hospitality Suite

Check out the Official Hospitality Suite FAQ.

Line-up for the 15th floor

Floor Plan of the 15th Floor*

15th Flood Radission Room Plan

*This graphic while mostly accurate is not reflective of the most current adjustments made to rooms on the 15th Floor.

Room Descriptions

1500: Rest Stop 69….

Had a rough day on the road? Get a zombie head stuck in your wheel well? Come on in to the 69er Rest Stop! Put your boots up, your weapons down and refuel for the miles to come! Lots of room for everyone, even for those with less than 18 wheels

1502: 28 Games Later *Official Hospitality Suite*

28_Games_Later“Stuck in an eight-bit bunker for three days. Food, drink, and twenty-eight video games in here with us. Playing them might be our only hope to maintain our sanity at this crazy convention…” After the biohazard outbreak, survivors sought places of refuge. This shelter functions as a VG training bunker and a sanctuary where survivors can seek asylum from the madness of the con.

1504: Star Fleet

…………. We intercepted this memo……..

Star Fleet Academy 2013.11.10

RE: Training Facility

Simulator has left beta testing and is now ready to be installed at Academy for use by Cadets. Holographic projection equipment unavailable, traditional LCD panels will suffice for install.

Development team well into the scenarios requested, concern over request for “Zero Sum” scenarios, may cause emotional distress in cadets.

Install date still set for 2014.05.16.

J. Larouche Technician II
L. Sali Technician II
T. Sali Technician II

1506: The Kame Cafe

The Tomodachi Anime Club presents The Kame Cafe. Come in and relax with some Japanese snacks, coffee or tea, play some video games and talk about your favorite anime. The Tomodachi Anime Club welcomes you to our little home here at Keycon, and we are a welcoming bunch of people. All ages are welcome, during the day, after 9:30pm we will be welcoming an older crowd and have some anime themed drinks available for your consumption. Wanna know what’s happening here? We will have a schedule posted up so you can see what shenanigans we have in store and when we’ll be around! Tomodachi means friends, come join us today!

1508: WAC

Anime movies, noodles, what more need we say?

1512: Gears Guns and Garters

“Bre-Axe is dead–ish! So…. Gears Guns and Garters…

Long live, uh, Sprockets? Spoke and Tooth? Mssrs: David and David: Outfitters for the Adventurous Persons of Interest? OK we are still working on a name. Anyhow, we’re now purveyors of Scientific marvel and calamity!

Are you mad? Are you a man or maiden of science? Are you a titan of Steam and Iron? Do you harbour imperialistic ambitions? Is Bwa-Ha-Ha-Ha your middle name?

Well, who better but, (name pending) to provide you with a place to relax, hide from the authorities, ferment and plot wondrous outcomes (such as becoming the new authorities). Don’t forget to peruse our selection of Weapons of Messy Destruction.

Wine, tea and crumpets will be served.

1514: SFW

Ladies and gentlemen (and variants there of) welcome to the Departure Lounge. Feel free to partake in our many refreshments and grab a ration or two for your journey. We will be transporting you by various ships to many destinations and we will ensure everyone has a safe passage off the Earth before it’s demise. Please keep all belongings on or near your person at all times, for there is a chance that all lost items may be vaporized due to sanitation purposes. Any unattended offspring or elders may be sold into slavery on neighbouring planets. Please don’t harass or start any intergalactic wars during your visit or you may be subjected to stunning or death. We appreciate your patronage and hope you have a great End Of The World Experience.

1516: Dandy Lion

We’re back! We had so much fun last year running a filk suite that we’re doing it again. Drop in and join the Dandy Lion crew for coffee, tea, snacks, music, concerts, workshops, conversation, sing-alongs and more. Our world is happier when everyone sings

1518: Uncle Vics RecRoom

It began when Victor was hit by a strange white light that left half his face sunburned. He began to act eccentrically, much more than usual. He kept watching Earth v. The Flying Saucers. He stopped working (which was not hard as he was retired). He began having strange dreams and visions which boiled over when his wife found him sculpting a model of the Radisson Downtown using mashed potatoes.

It was going to be a Close Encounter of the Radisson Kind!