The Sleeping Dragon

This is the virtual home of the Sleeping Dragon hospitality suite.

Every year at Keycon we take over a hotel room and provide food, caffine, and gaming for 3 days, non-stop, 24/7.

Our awesomeness includes:

- hot soup by the Dreaded Night Turtle, Cindy-goddess and the indubitable Shy
- games on loan (you have to leave your badge number and you're responsible for making sure the game returns in good shape with no pieces lost)
- rpg tables
- raffles
- prizes
- snack food
- perpetual coffee
- breakfast/pj sandwiches

Current Sleeping Dragon volunteers are:

The Dreaded Night Turtle (Daria)
Lord Incandescent (the Hench Curtis)
Wolfsrevenge (Will)
The Thunder Monkey (Joseph)
Verigaden (John)

You will find us on the 15th floor at Keycon 2006. You need a badge to visit, but it's SO worth it! Visit the Keycon website and check it out.

The food isn't free, but it's so cheap it's almost like it is.  All proceeds go to covering the cost of the suite.  Last year we lost $500.  This year we're hoping to break even if we can.

You can help us by any of the following methods:

- donating food (ask the turtle for details)
- donating time (you'd need your own Keycon badge.  We need help with setup, tear down and serving food.)
- spreading propaganda (visit the Keycon website for Keycon posters you can download, print, and display)

What do volunteers get?

 Volunteer 12 hours of your time and get:
- free soup and coffee all convention
- you are auto-invited to any side games going on in the suite
- you will be trained in any of the games you want to learn by our gaming gods - just request it and it will happen
- our undying gratitude

We request:
- 12 hours of your time in 3 or 4 hour blocks (please let us know in advance when you can and can not help so we can plan our schedule accordingly).
- You stay sober while you're volunteering. 

The Dreaded Night Turtle is a creature of the evening.  Daylight hours are not her preferred time to be conscious.  Volunteers during the day and sunrise shifts are desparately needed. 

Please let us know if you can give us any help!

Contact us at: