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ALL RIGHT - A WHOLE WEEKEND OF LOUNGING AROUND THE LIVING ROOM WATCHING MOVIES!!! and not just in one of those cold, impersonal hotel meeting rooms - this time in an actual suite with furniture and comfy chairs! Come and relax in the Video Room with The Two Wild & Hairy Guys who helped change the face of public access television for good! (Autographs available - Fees Applicable.) We will present an action packed line-up of master-pieces, classics and groaners as only these two goofs can do! The year will feature a SECOND - that's right - SECOND video room right next to the BIG room that we will make available for you to show your own tapes. Just e-mail The Guys at to book your time or drop in at your leisure.

Our plan is to use this as a "Kid Vid Room" most of the time with films we will provide, but please - We are NOT a baby-sitting service. Parents must stay with their children or they will be sold as slaves.

This year will also feature the return of the bone-chilling "Cartoon Breakfast & Colouring Spoon" with all-new animated favourites and enough cereal and milk to sink the Titanic (so THAT'S what happened!!!). And as always, prizes will be awarded all weekend featuring authentic autographed goodies from such great SF stars as Charlton Heston, Composer Wohn Williams, Carrie Fisher, B5's Jerry Doyle, X-Files William B. Davis, John Neville and Bruce Harwood and Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols, Colm Meaney, Majel Barrett and Clint Howard!

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