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If you have any ideas for Hospitality this year at Keycon or are interested in running a suite please contact us at the Hospitality department. or at:

ATTN: Hospitality Dept.
P.O. BOX 3178

So Far we have the following hospitality suites confirmed and working hard to make sure you have the time of your life:


Orbital Ore Transfer Station 36 of BRE-AXE OMEGA a Consortium of continental scale strip mining firms has assumed something approaching an orbit about planet KeyCon. In celebration of having been sold a mining concession by one of your politicians (who now basks in sumptuous retirement on the other side of Federation Space). Bre-Axe invites you to our facility poised above your verdant but as yet unplundered world, for a weekend of smoky fun and frolic.

Tour our almost state of the art facility in near comfort and stop by our virtually air-tight observation louge for a last look at your world. Enjoy food and refreshment, waited on hand and foot by our employees who will gladly see to your every convenience. See you there!

--------- Department of Information Management ---------

The Duffer's Suite
For Grown-ups with the Hearts of Children.... Pickled is good.

No decorations, No fancy lights, just conversation and food in a smoke free atmosphere. Open (:00 pm until we get too tired to stay up with you. Bring your own beverage, Ice & Glasses provided.


ALL MAY FEEL WELCOME -- Gothic Vampire Suite (Non-Smoking)

Club Q

Come One Come all to Club Q

Q, your favorite omnipotent being, with the cooperation of Generation, The Star Trek Club, presents Club Q, an interdimensional louge. Featured are consumables from across the multiverse. New this year is the Club Q Card for collecting your Q-points. Club Q is a non-smoking suite.

- Imperial Communique -

Greetings to the fortunate beings of KeyCon '99, Wildfire Squadron of the Klingon Assault Group, Kanada, has detached a small patrol vessel from it's regular assignment to rendexvous with KeyCon.
This crew is under orders to reacquaint you adventurous souls with some of the.... Finer Points...of Empirical Culture.
Tainted atmosphere warnings are in effect for this mission. (Smoking Suite)

- End Transmission -

The Inn of the Second-to-Last-Home

A home away from home, perched high in the mighty boughs of a 100% genuine imported synthetic vallenwood tree! Come share a mug and a tale with us Gaze out of the stained glass windows and marvel at how much Crystalmir Lake looks like the Assiniboine River. Watch the moons rise - Although we may have to ask you to leave if you see more than three.

Stop and smell the spiced potatoes(unless Caramon gets here first)Cower in terror as the committees of Mount Nevermind unveil their latest prototype (or, "I give up. What do you get when you cross a 486 DX2-66, A power Drill and a Hamster?") Non-alchoholic... Because the mage in the corner told us to. Brought to you by The Chronologically Challenged Evil Twins and friends.

No Draconians have been harmed in the making of this suite.

You come to Keycon to spend the weekend in quiet contemplation and discussion of the important issues?? NO WAY!!! Well then are you ready for this year's non-smoking suite?
Come have the best time at

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